Hi! My Name's Jarin. I'm a front-end web developer.

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I'm a Southeastern US-based front-end web developer that sometimes likes to design things. If I'm not building websites or learning new skills and techniques, I'm getting lost in Star Wars lore or writing my own stories, both original and transformative..

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I love coding websites and other projects from scratch because it's both really fun and satisfying.

However, I'm comfortable with frameworks, too, if that's what a project calls for.

I utilize BEM methodology and SASS in almost all of my projects. For me, it makes things cleaner and more efficient.

I'm always learning and striving to better my craft and I love experimenting with new methods and features.

Latest Work


Complete redesign of the University of Sydney School of Psychology's SUPIR Lab website. Coded from scratch using HTML, CSS and some jQuery. The goal was to make it responsive and more user friendly as well as professional, sleek and modern using the school's primary colors.

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SUPIR Lab Screenshot

What Clients Say

It was a pleasure to work with Jarin to design our new site. She conducted herself very professionally and gave us updates in a timely manner, and was very friendly and helpful. She was very receptive to feedback and suggestions and made sure everyone in the lab was satisfied with what she had made. We are so happy with our new website – it looks amazing! Jarin has satisfied every criteria of the brief we gave her, making the site look more professional, modern, and stylish, while still being very easy to navigate. I am so glad that we picked her out of all the other candidates we had to choose from and we will gladly employ her for any future projects we have. We would absolutely recommend her to others. Thanks again, Jarin!

Rachel Maunder

Lab Manager, USYD School of Psychology's SUPIR Lab

Latest Projects


Built as a project for class. It was designed to show how powerful CSS is by itself and therefore has been built with pure CSS, no Javascript involved at all.

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Natours Screenshot

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